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If you are new to quilting, you’re going to need some simple quilting and sewing tools prior to getting started on any sewing project. The best thing about making a t shirt quilt is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing fabric if you are using your old shirts. These clothing items provide lasting memories that you can be reminded of every time you use your quilt. It also feels good to repurpose something that is no longer being used.

Quilts take quite a bit of time to prepare the material, lay out the design, and assemble. Trying to generate a quilt for the very first time can appear overwhelming. If you find yourself wondering what you got yourself into, don’t hesitate to search online for a quilting company for help finishing your project. You can start by asking for advice from a consultant or browsing and downloading free patterns if you need ideas. It is possible to purchase any tools you need online as well. A professional can recommend the things you need. 

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Once you’ve described your project and the details of how to complete it are revealed, you can better determine if you are prepared to complete the job yourself or mailing your shirts into the quilting company to be measured, cut, and assembled. They will take care of things like borders, batting, backing, and add some custom touches.  You want to decide on the size of your quilt before you can estimate the number of shirts you need and whether you have enough to quilt them on both sides or need to buy some additional fabric. Options for sizing are a small as a pillow cover or baby quilt, to a throw or king-size blanket.Smaller sizes are ideal for beginning quilters. Quilting can be accomplished by hand or by machine, but hand sewing takes much longer and requires skill and patience to have consistent stitches. Machined quilts are quick to make and very durable. 

Your t shirt quilt design will be based on the colors or themes of the shirts that complement each other best. You can cut the pieces and group them to make several quilt blocks or let the professionals take care of it. They will arrange your shirts how you like them, and begin sewing them together.The blanket will be assembled with a long-armed machine which is made for quilting. If you haven’t done much sewing or don’t own a machine, your part in producing a custom made quilt can be limited to describing what you desire. You won’t need to measure, mark, cut or iron the pieces, or learn about seam allowances and pinning or gluing a pattern.